Before placing your order it is key that as the customer you understand and take full responsibility of this important information below, so please read carefully.

If our vehicle cannot gain access to make a delivery, and there is no alternate area to deliver, you will be required to cover the cost of transport. However please be assured we will make every reasonable attempt to deliver without damaging our vehicle or your property. This is strictly at our drivers discretion. A fully loaded vehicle can weigh anywhere up to 26 tonnes, any damage caused to drives, manholes etc by weight of vehicles will be your responsibility.

Delivery wagonDelivery wagon
Delivery: Crane off-load / Hiab Wagon

Ensure the road approaching your property is suitable for a large wagon. No weight restrictions, narrow / low bridges, no low-hanging branches, or obstacles (including parked cars). Our crane-off load vehicle carries up to 14 tonnes, these wagons are just over 3m wide and around 11m long, the crane arm has a reach of around 6m. While an entrance may be wide enough for our lorry, swing angles – or lack of, can prevent us from entering your driveway. We will also require additional room to position the support legs on the wagon when operating the hiab.

Flatbed van
Delivery: Flatbed van

Our van can carry up to 1.3 tonnes and is ideal for smaller deliveries where access may be restricted. The van is just over 2.4m wide and around 6.8m long. Please ensure there is sufficient room to offload your delivery at the front of the property, where the delivery driver can access and offload safely.As the van can carry up to 1.3 tonnes in weight, any additional weight would require a second delivery and would be charged accordingly.

Marthall Tree Products Yard
Collection from our yard

Collections are available with any of our products and allows you to avoid any delivery charges. All you need to do is bring a suitable vehicle for the material you need to collect. While we will always endeavour to take care when loading customer vehicles, we do not accept any liability for damage caused when loading under customers instructions.

Contact us to arrange delivery